Salix Pharmaceuticals - Advancing Treatment in Gastroenterology

Our Mission and
Company Strategy


Salix is committed to being the leading US specialty pharmaceutical company licensing, developing, and marketing innovative products to healthcare professionals to treat gastrointestinal disorders in patients.

Company strategy

Provide treatment to people with gastrointestinal (GI) disorders

We are passionate about providing solutions to problems that affect millions of Americans every year. We strive to address unmet treatment needs for people with GI disorders.

In-license selective late-stage/marketed products

Our search and development efforts are designed to identify and acquire late-stage and/or marketed proprietary pharmaceutical products for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases that have an existing base of safety and efficacy data.

Sell products through a specialty sales force

Salix has a direct sales force to promote our products to healthcare providers in the United States responsible for treating gastrointestinal disease. We believe that our specialty sales force—and the high level of service we are able to provide—allows us to capitalize on the opportunity to build a franchise with the gastroenterology community.

Growth by leveraging our product development and product sales infrastructure

We will grow our business by adding new products to our portfolio. We intend to add new product opportunities by

  • Expanding the indications for our current products
  • In-licensing or acquiring new products
  • Copromoting selected third-party products

Focus on the US marketplace

The United States represents the largest pharmaceutical market in the world. Salix markets its products to gastroenterologists in the United States through its own specialty sales force. We will form strategic alliances to market our products outside the United States in order to avoid the significant costs, risks, and infrastructure inherent in assembling an international sales force.

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